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Teams and Projects

RobotsConf was absolutely amazing and it was all thanks to the wonderful attendees that gathered together and create a vast amount of incredible projects. We wanted to pull together a list of all of the teams and their resulting projects (as well as any pictures and notes they might have). Please find the list of projects completed in just under 16 hours below. If you attended, but don't see your project listed, please submit an issue/pull request here.

Chris, Laura, Virginia, and Cameron Williams
Simply connected up a resistor (330 Ohms) and a LED to the spark core. It was amazing.
Built With: Spark Core LeapMotion Arduino
@FloatBot was an interactive RobotsConf2013 project that allowed attendees to tweet driving commands to our robot in the form "@FloatBot FFPLFRBPS". Query services polled Twitter for new commands and passed them along wirelessly to a simple robot built on top of a Parallax chassis with an Arduino-compatible Spark Core as the brains. Code available on github
Built With: Spark Core LeapMotion Arduino Node.js
Leap Motion controlled Sumo Bot using Artoo
Full implementation can be found here: albus522/sumo_bot
Built With: Spark Core LeapMotion Arduino
Used a Spark Core to construct a liquid sensor that uses Twilio to send SMS messages when water is detected. Intended to be in a wearable waterproof case attached to a toddler to alert parents immediately if the child falls into a nearby body of water / pool. Simple code available on GitHub as a gist.
Built With: Spark Core LeapMotion Arduino Node.js
Kevin Kennedy Marc Goodner, and Matthew Podwysocki
We wanted to make a guitar playing robot, but there was no guitar or strings. We prototyped using popsicle sticks and rubberbands. We mounted a servo motor and got it to pluck them using an arduino. Kevin then wrote some Kinect code to send serial messages to the Arduino to trigger the servo when it detected a Pete Townsend style strum. Marc went back and made a nicer enclosure using the box generator extension in Inkscape that we got laser cut. Many detours were taken, particularly devising a mechanism for a slide when we thought we had a line on a guitar. We will get the code posted eventually. Marc intends to continue working on stringed instrument robots.
Built With: Arduino Kinect C#